IKRot Gizmo
Transform input with 2 points, toggle pos, rot, scale individually
Jun 9, 2019
I made a small gizmo to transform the input image with two points that "look at" each other. This makes it much easier to attach stuff that has two anchor points or rotate and scale something around a fixed point. I got the idea when I was trying to rotate stock footage of a flare around the center of the screen. But why not use it for lightsabers? Or laser beams?
The possibilities are endless!!
Well. not really. but you know what I mean.
IKRot in Action
Transform controls
'From' controls. Basically like a CornerPin
An example use case : Tracking a Stock Flare on top of some footage (Stock footage provided by Videvo, downloaded from https://www.videvo.net) (Lens flare by The Colour Tree Ltd)
Get it from nukepedia here.