Nuke Preferences Manager
Python module for developers to add knobs to Nuke Preferences
Apr 5, 2021

Edit Apr 5, 2021 : Update v1.1.0 released

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This new release makes the Preferences Manager Nuke13 (Python3) compatible 🎉
I've also fixed an issue that caused the custom settings not to appear. This is due to a bug in Nuke, that causes the last Tab_Knob added to the preferences not to show up, and a mysterious "Curves" tab to appear. Nuke12.2v5 and earlier don't have this problem. The Preferences Manager works around this problem in the affected versions to make the custom knobs appear as expected.
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Check out the bug report in the Foundry bug tracker: ID 471966.

Jul 26. 2018
Having switched to a new company last year and recently undertaking the massive endeavor of rewriting most of the 2D pipeline I found myself wanting visual preferences for Nuke more and more.
Surely this couldn't be too hard to achieve, right? Well. Turns out it could.
Nuke's preferences window seemed like the perfect home for adding custom, visible preferences. Plus I could use regular nuke knobs, which made 'designing' a layout much easier and made them feel familiar to any user immediately. But actually saving the right values, defaults and order of the knobs was the hard part. Weeks of rage quitting Nuke and getting back to it finally paid off. And of course, like in most coding related problems, the solution was a simple one.
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Anyway. I hope some other devs struggling with this can make use of this.
Get the Python module on GitLab