Reconnect Nodes

Reconnect pasted nodes' inputs
Apr 5, 2021

Edit Apr 5, 2021 : v1.1.0 released

Makes reconnectNodes Nuke13 (Python3) compatible and fixes a bug 🎉
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Jun 3. 2019
Actually it's been a while since I've created this tool, but after re-opening it the other day to do some bug fixing, I thought I might as well post it here, too.
The concept is simple: When you paste recently copied nodes, reconnect disconnected inputs to their original parent nodes.
This is how it looks in action.
notion image
Information about parent nodes and comp are saved in hidden knobs when copying the nodes. Nodes are only reconnected if the nodes are pasted in the same comp as they were copied to not make a huge mess.
I've added some settings to the Preferences page to customize the functionality
notion image
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