Nuke Studio Comp Cleaner
Jul 29, 2016
The past weeks I've been working on a python script to make working with 'special comps' generated by Nuke Studio less of a pain.
When I set up comps for a project, I usually import an EDL from edit into Nuke Studio, relink the clips, rename them and then generate comps with  'Create Special Comp'. That way I'm sure that the plates in the comp are aligned correctly in time and that the write node's path is set correctly. This saves a huge amount of time for the artists that are going to work on the show.
BUT: Often the comps generated don't quite look how I want them to so I have to manually fix them one by one. One of the most frequent things is: Deleting reformat nodes and setting the root format. Because when working with plates that differ in size Nuke Studio reformats all of them to the same format (usually this is the timeline's format), which has resulted in some artists working in a lower resolution than they should.
To get around this and avoid annoying, repetitive tasks, I wrote this script that fixes most of the issues, so Your comps are nice and clean from the beginning.
The script 'cleans up' .nk files that Nuke Studio generates by making sure the project format is correct, removing some unnecessary nodes and adding a python snippet that creates the output folder if it doesn't exist. Run this script immediately after generating .nk files so the comps are ready to be worked on instead of manually having to fix every .nk file before it is ready.
Comparison of a comp straight from Nuke Studio and after processing with ‘Nuke Studio Comp Cleaner’
Get the script from my GitHub: https://github.com/fynnay/NukeStudioCompCleaner